Appliance Maintenance Tips

Appliance maintenance will help you to save a lot of money and keep your appliances in a good condition.

If you learn how to maintain your appliances you will use them for a long time.

Don’t overload your washing machine

Don’t try to save time or money by washing too many clothes at once. The overload can harm the motor, belts and other moving parts. Think how costly could be the repairs of those parts, and choose an optimal load for a one-time wash.     

The dishwasher should always be clean

If there are problems with your dishwasher and you are not getting your dishes clean, then the first thing you should consider is cleaning your dishwasher. The issue could be the filled filter that prevents water flow that will clean the dishes.

Keep clean refrigerator coils

Dirty coils can be a reason for many refrigerator problems. You can do a coil cleaning by removing a front grille and using a coil cleaning brush. In addition, cleaned coils will work more effectively and save a lot of money.

Be careful with the doors

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your dishwasher’s (or washing machine, or any other appliance) door switch then always close it gently and carefully.efully.

Make sure washing machine hoses are in good condition

Damaged hoses are always a reason for leaks from the refrigerator. So, sometimes check them and if you find damaged ones immediately replace them.

Problems with disposer

In most cases, disposer doesn’t work when it is overloaded and the motor is too hot. Then the disposer automatically shut offs.  One thing that you should do is to wait when the motor cools and push the reset button. That’s all. Your disposer will start working again.

Follow up oven temperature settings

If your oven seems to work improperly look at instructions in the manual and try to change temperature settings. For having the precise results you should use a good oven thermometer. Place it in the center of the oven and wait for the constant temperature. Then try to match the temperature settings to the thermometer.

Change the water filter of your refrigerator

Old filters will not only work hard but also can cause harm to your health. Changing a water filter is not a hard task. Just follow your model’s instructions.

Clean, clean and clean

In this article, we learned that keeping clean our appliances is very important. We talked about refrigerator coils, dishwasher. Let’s see what else you should always keep clean.

•    Window air conditioners. You should clean the conditioners especially after a strong wind if you don’t want bad surprises like dust and health threats.

•    Stove spills. Yes, we know that they get dirty every time after making a dish.  But we should always clean them otherwise the stove burner wouldn’t work.

•    Garbage disposer. Sometimes look down the drain to make sure that there are no hard or big items that could harm your disposer. If there are any hard items to remove them by using a tool.

•    Microwaves. Any tool that is used for making food should be cleaned after any use. This is important for not only the long life of your appliance but also for your health.  

•    Dryers.  As washing machine dryers don’t “love” overload too and they also need to be cleaned after every use. Just clean the lint filter with a paper towel or brush.

A good maintenance is very important for any appliance. But,if there are problems that you can’t fix the best solution would be referring to a good appliance repair company.